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Sir William Rowan Hamilton

Sir William Rowan Hamilton, the world-famous mathematician and Physicist, married Helen Bayly in 1833 and the couple spent their honeymoon at Bayly Farm. Sir William was probably best known for his discovery in 1843 of quaternions (an algebraic treatment of complex numbers that is still used today – for example in 3-D computer graphics and in calculating elliptical orbits of spacecraft and satellites). He scratched the formulae for the quaternions in the stone of Brougham Bridge in Dublin, as he was walking along the Royal Canal with his wife to preside at a Council meeting of the Royal Irish Academy.

Lancelot Francis Sanderson Bayly

Lancelot Francis Sanderson Bayly was born in 1869 at Bayly Farm, where he spent his childhood. Much of his education took place in Dresden and he later lived in Paris. His development was consequently steeped in the arts and sciences of Europe, speaking French and German fluently. Around the end of the 19th century he made a three year long world tour, [including some months spent in Tahiti], during which he wrote three books: two books of science fiction that brought him a letter of congratulation from Jules Verne; and the third “The Log of an Island Wanderer” (1901) based on Tahiti illustrated with his own photographs, written under the pseudonym of Edwin Pallander. He would then return to Bayly Farm on honeymoon in 1912. Of these travels there is plenty of evidence in his paintings. While being a prolific watercolour artist, he was also a talented amateur in many fields – astronomy, botany and photography. Lancelot is seen here standing outside the building, in which he developed his photographs. But he was most noted as a pianist, water-colourist and flautist. He began exhibiting in Dublin in 1910 with the WCSI showing over a hundred works over the next decades.Several of his water colours hang in Bayly Farm.

Below are photographs of Lancelot Bayly and some of the photographs he took of his wife and children while at Bayly Farm.

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Peter Bayly

Peter, younger son of Desmond and Jackie, began sailing in Lough Derg at an early age.  He, along with his cousin and crew, William Atkinson, won the World Mirror Championship in Howth, Ireland in 2001 in a ten race series over 5 days, in Howth, Co. Dublin, in a 90 strong fleet from six countries. Also among other sailing achievements Peter was crowned Irish Match Racing champion in 2011. Peter now works with Paddy Power Bookmakers as a web developer. He continues to sail competitively.